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Bosveld is wildwęreld / Game farming is nature conservation

Wildplaas / Gamefarm : 1107

Opgestel / Created: 2017-11-20
Opgedateer / Updated: 2017-11-21

Gelyk soet Bosveld! R19m.
1 751 ha. Thabazimbi / Cumberland. 2˝ uur. Puik geboue. Baie wild. Wildplaas: 1107
Flat sweet Bushveldt! R19m.
1 751 ha. Thabazimbi / Cumberland. 2˝ hoours. Excellent buildings. Abundant game. Gamefarm: 1107


Nearest Town: Thabazimbi, Cumberland area


Size: 1 751 ha


Fencing: Standard 21 strand 2.4m game fence



Hunting Camp (brick and Thatch roof)

4 chalets with en suite batrooms(2-4bed each)

Equipped kitchen

Boma and braai area

Very large Lapa/Bar/Dining/entertainment area 

Main Camp (Brick/ Thatch and canvas)

Lodge (932m˛) – this building comprises a plastered and painted brick structure that is covered with a large thatch roof. Doors and windows are fitted in timber frames. Accommodation comprise inter alia an equipped gymnasium, covered parking area for game viewing, main reception area, kitchen with industrial type fittings and equipment, large dining areas, laundry and scullery, lounge areas, bathroom facilities, bar area. Internally it offers exceptional high quality fittings and finishes and furniture is of outstanding quality.

Lapa’s – there are three thatched lapa’s around the main lodge

Chalets – there are a total of six chalets offering two different configurations. Three of the chalets are smaller (44m˛ each) and each one offers a room and a bathroom. Walls consist of canvass and internal fittings and fittings of good quality.

Three bigger chalets (142m˛ each) sleep six persons in one big room. Each chalet offers a bathroom with outside shower and a carport. Internal fittings and finishes are of good quality. 

Sports and recreation center – this fenced in facility is located directly west of the main lodge and offers the following:

o A well maintained tennis court

o A squash court (96m˛), complete with glass back wall between the play area and spectators

o Soccer field

o Shooting range

o Volley ball court

o Putt-putt

o Netball

o Cricket

o Separate toilet

Workshop (228m˛) – this is a plastered and painted brick building that is covered with a pitched corrugated iron roof. Access into the building is through 2 x steel sliding doors.

Abattoir (114m˛) – this building comprises a gum pole structure that is covered with a corrugated iron roof. Inside the building is a walk-in cold room and meat processing equipment.


Game: Impala 250, Kudu 40, Gemsbuck 30, Waterbuck 30, Zebra 15, Blue Wildebeast 45, Giraffe 16, Red Hartebeest 5


Topography is flat and soil is a mixture of sand and red loam:

Vegetation is a mixture of Knobtorn, Marula, Rooibos veld

Grass is sweet and farm has been rested for 2 seasons so cover is very good

Well established road network on farm

Eskom power on farm making use of Step up and down transformers

Average rainfall approx 450mm/annum

3 Boreholes/ 2 Equipped

1 submersible pump and the other a mono pump with engine

Strongest hole is approx 7000l/hour

3 large cement dams

3x 10000l water tanks

5 cement drinking troughs

4 natural pans that can be pumped with water as well

5 of the waterpoints have hunting blinds as well.


Access: 75 km from Thabazimbi, 30 km gravel road

2 gates to enter farm

Farm is an inside farm with a 3 km private servitude from main road


No permanent staff living on property


No land claims or right of habitation

40 km to nearest settlement

Nobody drives over the property

No Eskom powerlines are going to cross the property


Expenses: Power R10 000; Salaries R9 000; Tax R1 000; Feed R80 000 (per annum)


Owned by private company

Property will be transferred

It is VAT registered

Loose assets: too many to mention but basically fully equipped hunting camps tools etc.


Must be once of sale, no terms

Geen / None


Koper, het u die finansiële vermoë?

Buyer, do you have the financial ability?

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