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Steenkoolplaas. R140m. 910 ha met minerale-regte in die Lephalale (Ellisras) / Steenbokpan omgewing (naby: Grootegeluk Steenkoolmyn, Madupi Kragstasie, Matimba Kragstasie). 380 miljoen metrieke ton A graad steenkool, 15 meter - 90 meter diep. Wildplaas: 1145

Coal farm
. R140m. 910 ha with mineral rights in the Lephalale / Steenbokpan area (near: Grootegeluk Coal Mine, Matimba Power Station and Madupi Power Station). 380 million metric tons A grade coal, 15 meters - 90 meters deep. Gamefarm: 1145

 PS: This is virgin land. It's not a coal mine, it's a coal farm with potential to be mined.

Add on: I have another 2 000 ha near Steenbokpan, full of coal. This owner doesn't have mineral rights, but maybe it can be of add on value, I don't know?

I received more information from the owner. I received a bundle of documents, which can be analyzed. I'm not going to analyze it now - I'll make it available to approved buyers, who can then analyze it themselves. See the index of the documents below.

Reasons why this property cannot be turned into a profitable coal mine within the short term future:

  1. Markets. There are no market to sell the coal. Matimba and Madupi get their coal from Grootegeluk.

  2. You can maybe try to sell the coal at Palapye, but that's a long distance and shall probably not work.

  3. Railways in dilapidation. The railways to Richardsbay are badly maintained and in dilapidation. The trains, if any, are clogged and not able to reach the harbour.

  4. Durban handles a small amount of coal, if you can get the coal there.

  5. Roads are clogged and in dilapidation. Same story. You can't get the coal to the harbour.

Why would you buy this farm then? To save it for later. And for that reason you cannot try to "acquire" this property with means and scemes. You have to buy it cash and then wait. But keep in mind - Botswana has got more coal than South Africa. You can make an offer, of cause! So, if you still feel compelled to buy this farm, send me proof of funds as a starting point.

We do not give more information to everybody asking for it. More detail to approved purchasers only. You have to prove to us your ability to afford this property. If you know somebody who may be interested or if you have an investor, that somebody or that investor must contact us, not you. No "joint venture" offers or other schemes.

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Bosveld is wildwêreld / Game farming is nature conservation

Plaas / Farm : 1145

Opgestel / Created: 2022-12-12
Opgedateer / Updated: 2024-06-20

More detail to approved purchasers

Geen / None

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P Erasmus Prokureur / Attorney (Tjaka Erasmus)
+27(0) 82 375 3461 mobile

Vygeboomspoort, Lephalale (Ellisras), South Africa
Pretoria kantoor / office: Amanyane 410, Rifweg-Oos, Leeuwfontein, Nokeng

Tjaka Erasmus

Voordat u hierdie bladsy uitdruk, oorweeg asseblief die omgewingsimpak
Before printing this page, please consider the enviromental impact

Koper, het u die finansiële vermoë?

As jy bietjie moet raap-en-skraap, of jou geld kom later los, of so iets - ek help graag, maar ek MOET jou vermoë om die eiendom te bekostig ondersoek. Gee dit asseblief sommer vir my reg van die begin af, die 1e keer wat jy my kontak. Die rede:

TYDMORSERS is mense wat plase wil “koop” maar gladnie oor die finansiële vermoë beskik nie.
Tydmorsers se motiewe wissel van
a) Naïef – hulle dink hulle kan die plaas op skuld koop en uitboer;
b) Kansvatters, skelms en diewe – dis mense wat vir hulself ‘n voordeel probeer bewerkstellig,  van
    so min as ‘n gratis besoek aan ‘n wildplaas,
    tot okkupasie totdat hy uitgesmyt word weens wanbetaling,
    tot die skurke wat okkupasie neem en die eiendom stroop van bates en dan verdwyn (“asset stripping”);
c) Psigopatiese Narcissiste wat dit doen om as ‘n belangrike persoon behandel te word en sodoende ‘n ego-streling (“ego boost”) kry;
d) By uitsondering selfs die Groenetjies wat die eienaar van 'n wildplaas probeer benadeel vir hulle eie bizarre redes.



'n Agent word betaal vir sukses. Moenie vir my sê ek ek het min tyd gespandeer aan die transaksie nie - u weet nie wat agter die skerms gebeur nie. As u my per uur wil betaal sê dit vir my van die begin af. Moenie my penaliseer vir my effektiewiteit nie - dit maak my eintlik meer werd.
Die hoeveelheid kommissie is in ooreenstemming met die bedryfsriglyn en word betaal deur verkoper (alhoewel koper dit subsideer).
Ons verdien ons kommissie sodra ons 'n koper vind wat gewillig en instaat is om die eiendom te koop teen verkoper se minimum terme. Ondertekening van 'n koopkontrak is die volgende stap en indien verkoper skielik nie meer wil voortgaan met die verkoop nie word die kommissie onmiddelik opeisbaar en betaalbaar. Andersins is die kommissie is betaalbaar by registrasie van oordrag (in uitsonderlike gevalle kan die kommissie vroeër betaalbaar wees, byvoorbeeld wanneer die koper koop op afbetaling). Vir 'n volledige verhandeling oor hierdie kwessie gaan na Verkoper, moet ons dus asseblief nie misbruik om die mark te toets nie.

1) P Erasmus Prokureur hou persoonlik hierdie webwerf daagliks op datum. Die goedkoop plase op ander webwerwe is verouderd;
2) 'n Kommissie-agent word vergoed vir sukses, nie vir harde werk nie, so moenie ons penaliseer omdat ons effektief is nie.



Buyer, do you have the financial ability?

If you need to scrape around a bit, or your money comes loose later, or something like that - I  assist you with pleasure, but I MUST investigate your ability to afford the property. Please give it to me right from the outset, the 1st time you contact me. The reason:

TIME WASTERS are people who want to "buy" farms but do not have the financial capacity at all.
Time wasters' motives range from:
a) Naive - they think they can buy the farm on debt and farm it out;
b) Opportunists, crooks and thieves - these are people who try to gain an advantage for themselves, of
    as little as a free visit to a game farm,
    to occupation until he is thrown out for non-payment,
    to the villains who take occupation and strip the property of assets and then disappear (“asset stripping”);
c) Psychopathic Narcissists who do this to be treated as an important person and thus get an ego boost;
d) Exceptionally even the Greens who try to harm the owner of a game farm for their own bizarre reasons.



An agent gets paid for success. Don't tell me I didn't didn't spend much time on this transaction - you don't know what happens behind the scene. If you want to pay me per hour tell it to me from the start. Don't penalise me for effectiveness - it actually makes me worth more.
The amount of commission is in accordance with the industry guidelines and is payable by seller (although purchaser subsidises it).
Our commission is earned the moment we find a buyer who is willing and able to buy at seller's minimum terms. Signature of a contract is the next step and if seller suddenly refuses to proceed with the transaction the commission becomes due and payable immediately. Otherwise the commission is payable at registration of transfer (in exceptional circumstances it can be payable earlier, for example when it is a downpayment scheme). For a detailed discussion of this legal position go to Thus, sellers, please don't abuse us to test the market.

1) P Erasmus Attorney personally updates this website daily. The cheap farms on other websites are outdated.
2) A commission agent gets remunerated for success, not for hard work, so don't penalize us because we're effective.

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