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Golwende Bosveldplaas met enkelstaande koppie! R7,5m. 437 ha. Groblersdal. Naweekhuis en rondawel. Baie wild. Drie titelaktes. Wildplaas: 1151

Rolling Bushveldt farm with isolated hill! R7,5m. 437 ha. Groblersdal. Weekend dwelling and rondavel. Abundant game. Three title deeds. Gamefarm: 1151

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Bosveld is wildwÍreld / Game farming is nature conservation

Wildplaas / Gamefarm : 1151

Opgestel / Created: 2021-05-25
Opgedateer / Updated: 2021-10-06


The farm comprise of 3 title deeds used as a unit for game related purposes. Improvements comprise of hunters chalets and related buildings, stores, sheds and meat processing facilities. The farm is well managed and provides good security. The property has a hill to the eastern side with a gentle slope towards the west. The subject property is located in an area with mainly a red brown sandy loam type of soil, with medium potential when used for agronomy purposes . There are no signs of drainage problems and no erosion is visible.

The natural vegetation is typical of the bushveld biome with medium to large trees and palatable grass species suitable for grazing purposes, with grazing capacity of 5ha - 7ha/LSU. The grazing is in good condition. Groblersdal normally receives about 506mm of rain per year, with most rainfall occuring during summer. It receives the lowest rainfall (0mm) in June and the highest (92mm) in November. The monthly distribution of average daily maximum temperatures (centre chart below) shows that the average midday temperatures for Groblersdal range from 20.9įC in June to 28.9įC in January. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 4įC on average during the night. The area is known for grazing and irrigation farming with some dry land agronomy. No development or negative mining or similar use noted.


Dwelling 1: Weekend dwelling with brick walls and tile roof in good condition. Enclosed Lapa: Tile roof lapa with brick walls in good condition. Carports: 2 Carports with steel structure and corrugated iron roof in good condition. Outbuilding: Outbuilding with slaughter and cold room facilities in good condition. Lean-to: Lean-to with steel structure and corrugated iron roof in good condition. Rondavel: Rondawel with rock walls and concrete roof in fair condition. Shed: Shed with corrugated and brick walls and corrugated iron roof

in fair condition. Workers Accommodation Units: Workers accommodation building with brick walls and corrugated iron roof in fair condition. Hunters Chalet: Hunters chalet with rick walls and tile roof in good condition. Chalet Patio: Patio attached to hunters chalet, of similar standard and condition. Water Supply and Irrigation: 2 equipped boreholes, Submersible pumps, No Cement and Corrugated Iron Dams (reservoirs), Plastic Tanks 4, Gravel Dams 1, Water Quantity Good, Water Quality Good. Irrigation 0. Electricity: Eskom, Number of supply points 2, kVA 50. Fencing: Game fenced. Condition Good. 2.4m high with 22 strands, Electrified breeding camps 6, Condition of camps and grazing Good. Comments: None.


Game numbers: Impala 400; Kudu 80; Giraffe 7; Gemsbuck 15; Bluewildebeest 60; Eland 25; Redhartebeest 10; Blesbuck 10; Zebra 10; Nyala 10; Waterbuck 10; Ostrich 10. Small game, predators, birds etch are not listed.

Geen / None

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