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Rivier! R5,5m. 588 ha. Rooibokkraal (Thabazimbi). 2Ĺ ure vanaf Pretoria. Goeie geboue - mooi verblyf. Baie wild. 2,5 ha Krokodilrivierfront. Wildplaas: 579

River! R5,5m. 588 ha. Rooibokkraal (Thabazimbi). 2Ĺ hours from Pretoria. Good buildings - nice accomodation. Abundant game. 2,5 ha Crocodile River front. Gamefarm: 579

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Bosveld is wildwÍreld / Game farming is nature conservation

Wildplaas / Gamefarm : 579

Opgestel / Created: 202004-22
Opgedateer / Updated: 2020-04-28

2 separate title deeds 188 ha + 400 ha. Over 3 km river frontage on Crocodile River, whole 588 ha one piece next to river, no servitudes. All sweet veldt with high carrying capacity. Many large pans, 3 of which can be kept full with irrigation pipes in place. In middle of river section game fence crosses river to opposite side with access to the water for water sports - we do kayak trips from bridge at Makkopa or we go down to Rooibokkraal. Hippo and crocodiles in the river as well as otters. Large shed. Hammer mill. Large garage with flat which can sleep two couples. Large cooler room and well equipped butcher shop with 2 industrial band saws, large 3 phase mincer and sausage machine. Cooler room. Large lapa thatch beautiful view over 2 waterholes. See game feeding from braai area all day. Seating for ten people. Large well manicured lawn area around the houses. Main thatch lodge can sleep 8 people with two double beds and four single beds, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 pubs, large lounge, kitchen, scullery and dining room all fully equipped and tastefully furnished with bushveldt prints. Many personal trophies in main house not for sale. Tastefully furnished kitchen units. 2nd cottage also fully equipped with fridge stove kitchen, dining room, open plan and lounge overlooking well manicured lawns also thatched with two double rooms with bathroom en suite, can be used as a fully functioning unit on its own. Cottage no 3: Large thatch chalet - my personal bedroom with elevated deck and large ironwood tree stump in deck with central light and sunken pool with drains into nearby waterhole, large 2 storey building has upstairs windows and can be converted into 2 storey, has large outside bathroom overlooking a waterhole and feeding spot for game .Partially sunken bath suitable for game viewing at night, has indoor and outdoor shower and indoor toilet. 4th thatched room: small bedroom with shower and toilet and concrete covered thatch with outdoor feel, bed not added as yet. Staff quarters (2 houses): same quality face brick and tile roof fully functioning houses, could be rented out, they are in their own fenced off section on the north-west corner of the farm. There are three boreholes - the highest output one is 2.5 km from house connected with 6mm four core cable and a step up step down transformer - switch at the house. Cable runs under breeding camp game fence. It is protected by the electrified cable and the game fence to reduce the risk of lightning strikes. Borehole for house: 114m from house supplies clean drinking water to house connected to mains power. Pump 4000 l/h. Breeding camp has border of 3.5 km new fence 2009. Area 80 ha, has 60 blesbuck, 15 nyala, 5 sable ♂ 2-3 years old, 3 roan 3 years old, 2 kudu ♀, 1 black impala ♂, 18 ♀ ordinary impala, 3 waterbuck - 2 ♀  & 1 ♂. Electrified bottom wire no predators. Animals: Impala 350, kudu 30, wildebeest 80, gemsbuck 80, blesbuck 100, giraffe 3, waterbuck 60, white blesbuck 3, steenbuck many, warthogs many, duiker many, occasional hippo, croc, leopard, brown hyena, lynx (caracal), cheetah, wild dog. Topography: flat, all sweet veldt, high carrying capacity, many large trees like camelthorn, acacia, nice ironwood trees. Excellent grazing, mainly buffalo grass, many raisin bushes and acacias and sheppard's trees. Many large pans, 8 waterholes all connected to pumps and all have animal viewing hides or tree stands. 1 hide can be used as spare room it has running water and a toilet. Fence 22 strand steel beautifully maintained and cleared, fence on both sides of crocodile river with access to the water via a road for fishing and kayaking.



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