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Tjaka's statements on social media
in reaction to
Black Fascism in South Africa

For the whole world to see
For anybody to challenge me

Normally I'm a friendly humble law-abiding citizen, minding my own business, trying to stay out of trouble and trying not to offend anybody.
But when a Black Fascist kicks me in the balls merely because my skin is white, this is how I respond.
NB: I'm acting reactive, in other words I respond to Fascism, racism and anti-white hate in general spewed towards me and my people.
I go down to their level and beat them at their own (low bizare) level:

Opgestel / Created: 2019-10-28
Opgedateer / Updated: 2020/05/09

Black Fascists argue that white South Africans stole their land

There are ways, in the International Law, to legally acquire land. I give you ten million Rand if you can prove any white South African owns any "stolen land" in South Africa. We take it to the World Court, the same international community that declared Apartheid a crime - you can trust them. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET RICH!!! Primary or secondary theft - claim your ten million Rand!!! Terms and conditions:


You're scared of the World Court? Do you want to prove I'm a "land thief" in the RSA ConCourt (South African Constitutional Court)?
You can try, Judge Mogoeng doesn't agree with you:



Often I get asked: "How can you say whites purchased land - there were now currency or title deeds those days?". The short answer: "By ways accepted in international law".
It's actually a stupid question, showing the narrow, childlike, shortsighted mindset of the person asking the question.

Here's the detailed answer:

  1. Firstly you must distinguish between the Boers and the Brits. Since black Fascists are racists, they only see "Whites" and "Europeans" versus "Blacks" or "Africans".

  2. The British were conquerors and they even conquered from the Boers (most noteably during the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902).

  3. Conquest is a legal way of acquiring land in the international law. Conquest is between nations. Before 1910 South Africa wasn't a nation. Thus Apartheid and EWC (Expropriation Without Compensation) isn't conquest - it's more like civil war and both are in conflict with the Rule of Law and are Crimes Against Humanity.

  4. Other noteable South-African conquerors (before 1910) were Shaka Zulu and Mzilikatsi (Silkaats).

  5. The Boers never had a preference for conquest (there may be some exceptions). Rather they purchased land by international treaty or they simply settled on unoccupied land (vast areas were left unoccupied due to the Mfecane).

  6. Examples:
    6a) This is an example of land that was legally purchased by the Boers from the Zulus on 25 July 1846. South Africa as a country didn't exist before 1910. This was a treaty between two independent nations and the International Law applies:
    6b) After the murder of Piet Retief and his men on 1838-02-06 by the Zulus under king Dingaan, the treaty (the reason for the Boer's visit to Dingaan) was found in one of the murdered Boer's saddlebag. It was duly signed by all parties, including Dingaan (by thumb print) and thus a legal treaty between two nations, assigning land to the Boers - legal in the international law.
    6c) The contract of purchase and sale of land by Jan van Riebeeck from the Khoisan people is in the South African Museum, Cape Town, up to this day.

  7. Payment was made by valuables or favours, as agreed. It can be anything from cattle to iron to gold or whatever. This is normal between countries, like Zimbabwe that shipped elephants to China in October 2019 for payment of debts.


Blacks often argue that land was illegally acquired during Apartheid. Well, firstly, it may be 1% of South Africa and; Secondly there is a Land Restitution Programme in place since 1994.


Have you ever heard of "The Age of Conquest". Now you have:

MFECANE refers to the period of Mzilikazi. He ordered widespread killings and devastation. .
The death toll has never been satisfactorily determined, but the whole region became nearly depopulated. Normal estimates for the death toll range from 1 million to 2 million. In the seventy years or so after 1760, the political face of the region north of the Orange (River) and east of the Kalahari was profoundly changed. .

Sigidi kaSenzangakhona commonly knows as Shaka was a great Zulu king and conqueror. .


This is a photo of the original contract of Jan van Riebeeck's purchase of land from the Khoisan people. National Library of South Africa, Cape Town:


"Jan van Riebeeck didn't carry land in his ships when he arrived in the Cape" is a popular argument by Black Fascists. The reply is obvious:
"Black people didn't carry land in their pockets when they crossed the Limpopo River". Then I refer them to the origin of black people
in Central Africa and their migration, displacing the Khoisan (Bushmen)


"We were here first" is not a valid argument in the International Law. And if it was, Congoids (Bantus / Blacks) will have to give back to the Capoids (Khoisan / Bushmen) and move back to Central-West Africa. Black people have no "birth right" to Africa.

The Congoid (Bantu / black people) originated in central Africa and migrated southwards, displacing the Khoisan (Bushmen) (two completely different races) into the dessert, obviously because of their smaller body size.



"The rule of law is a founding provision of the Constitution. Section 1(c) provides that South Africa is founded on the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law. Section 74 provides that this section can only be amended with a 75 percent majority in Parliament, unlike the two-thirds majority required for other provisions. Property rights are an inseparable part of the rule of law, and would thus be law in South Africa even if section 25, the property rights provision, did not exist.":

You can not have land expropriation without compensation. It is illegal in international law. Written by Mark Philip Malcolm Horn - London Barrister:

Do you want to return to Fascism? "We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the expropriation of land for communal purposes without compensation" - Adolf Hitler, 24 February 1920, Münich, Germany

Did you know that there is a Land Restitution Programme in place since 1994?:

This man showed a higher intelligence. This is how I responded:
I can see you have an higher intelligence, so I'm going to give you a more serious and comprehensive answer. The answer to your question is that we have to look for the answer in the International Law - that's why the challenge is that we must go to the World Court. There must be a "causal connection" between the injustice of the past and the rectifications you take today. What happened so long ago got blurred in time and space and does not qualify for rectification in the International Law. That's why the founding fathers of our nation choose the 1913 Land Act as the cut-off date. Honestly, the people in South Africa doesn't suffer anymore from what happened 400 years ago or even a 100 years ago. They suffer from much more recent injustices (by name: Apartheid and rampant ANC corruption). If we must give back "stolen land" (your definition - how far back do we go in history?) there's a lot of migrations that's going to take place around the world starting with the
Congoid (Bantu / blacks) moving back to the Congo where they originated, giving back to the Khoisan (Bushmen) (two completely different races) who are the original Inhabitants of Southern Africa. Apartheid has been declared a crime against humanity and that's why we have to rectify the injustices caused by Apartheid - I agree (and rampant ANC corruption - quite urgently). But then you cannot punish the individuals that have land today, they didn't do anything wrong - you cannot just take their land without compensation - the state have to buy it from them. If this is not reasonable and the state of the International Law - take me to the World Court. Otherwise, agree with me and push for the Land Restitution Programme, in place since 1994, to be implemented properly and without corruption. Thank you.


Do you know why the land issue is not resolved yet? Let me show you - like everything in South Africa - corruption:

There's a R1.2bn civil suit against Deputy President David Mabuza in the North Gauteng High Court, including, inter alia, a R3.3m bribe he allegedly paid to a farmer in a purported fake lands claim scandal:

The Motlanthe Report confirms corruption in Land Reform and the disaster that EWC (Expropriation Without Compensation) shall cause:

They can't manage what they have, but they want more - for free!
90% of all Land Reform Programmes are unsuccessful:

Helfte van staatsplase produseer niks nie

Black farmer let down by the ANC and assisted by the DA:

The South African government is actively and wilfully thwarting land reform by preventing black farmers from buying land!:

It is cheaper to import maize from Brazil to the Western Cape than to rail or truck it down from the northern part of the country’:

"Give us land" they demand, but they make a mess of it:

She, successful black farmer, DOESN'T suffer from Victim Mentality:

Chimasa - Land Reform is the root cause of Zimbabwe's problems:

So, Zimbabwe doesn't belief in EWC (Expropriation Without Compensation) anymore!

Zimbabwe is returning "stolen land" to "land thieves"

"... the land seizures triggered economic collapse."

Zimbabwe pleads with white farmers to return:

Look where it's going! They want to take away the court's jurisdiction and give it to the cabinet! Madness! Totalitarian!


In 25 years the ANC successfully: 1) Banckrupted every SOE (State Owned Enterprise) including Eskom (national electricity supplier), SAA (South African Airways -100 years old in 2020), SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), DENEL (exporter of some of the best millitary hardware in the world), the RAF (Road Accident Fund), SABS (South African Bureau for Standards), PRASA (Railways), Land Bank and many more; 2) Banckrupted every municipality under their control; 3) Downgraded to Third World status the SADF, SAAF & SAN (South Defence Force, South African Air Force and South African Navy; 4) Destroyed our economy to junk status; 5) Allowed ex president Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and other corrrupt politicians like Ace Magshule to hijack and capture our the state and steal billions of Rands; 6) Failed to deliver electoral promises, specifically regarding Land Reform and Land Restitution; 7) Now they want to expropriate property WITHOUT COMPENSATION and think things are going to improve! Really? Hallo Zimbabwe!


White farmers own only 22% of South Africa:


Wise Blackman: "Unless we live together with Whites, we're going to perish together as fools!"


African Consiousness"
"We (blacks) were here first and therefor we are the only true Africans"
"We (blacks) were here first and therefore you (whites) are not entitled to South African citizenship"


You confuse "African" with "Congoid". "African" is a location; "Congoid" is a race. Use Google.


Africa does not belong to blacks. 10 000 BC Africa had three races, each occupying ± of the continent. North - Whites; Central: Blacks; South: Khoisan (Bushmen). Blacks pushed the Khoisan out into the desert, obviously because of their smaller bodies. Is this relevant, anyway?


The Bantu (blacks) originated in central Africa and migrated southwards, displacing the Khoisan (Bushmen) (two completely different races) into the dessert, obviously because of their smaller body size.


Did you know that Africa was a Roman province and therefore, if the "We were here first" argument is valid, Africa actually belongs to whites?

Africa was a Roman province that was established in 146 BC following the defeat of Carthage in the Third Punic War.


Before a whole continent becomes one country all the people must be more-or-less at the same level regarding some critical issues, most important economic development but also things like religion, language, democratic values, health care, educational infrastructure etch. These are the core reasons for xenophobia.

Any country's borders is open for foreigners that can make a positive contribution towards economic growth. They must enter legally. Makwerekwere are unwelcome - drug lords, prostitutes, hobos, drifters, criminals, fascists etch. We don't want the whole continent's poor people flood our hospitals, schools etch. We don't want an influ criminals, druglords and prostitutes. We don't want religious radicals planting bombs. We don't want Fascists. Etch.

But then, if you're not a Reverse Racists, why not just One World?

Mmmm .... second thoughts - prostitutes are welcome though, let's make this one exception! LOL


There is an argument that "unused land" must be grabbed

1) What is "unused land". What may look unused to the untrained eye may actually be land in a resting period to prevent over-use. Have you ever heard of the "sustainable use of land"?
2) The land may look plough-able to you but actually it's highest capacity is mere grazing
3) It may be "unused" due to lack of infrastructure. Who's going to pay to drill boreholes, equip it, make roads, deforest etch? Do you have an idea of these costs? What if it can't be done at a profit? Who pays? Who carries the loss? What if all boreholes you drill are dry?
4) What if that land owner paid R10m (ten milion Rand) for that land? What if he owes the bank? What if that land serves as security at a bank?
5) Who decide if land is "unused". You'll have to get a full ecological report. Look at the time frame. Look at the costs
6) What if that "unused" land protects a very rare species, like the Brenton Blue butterfly who lives on 5 ha only on this whole planet?
6) If you can BUY that land at market value, does it matter if it’s unused or not? Go buy it, what’s preventing you?
7) It’s a naïve childish simplistic view that can only destroy our economy and our agriculture. There's only one way - a free market capitalist system where individuals wheel-and-deal with some oversight from the authoroties. I repeat, there’s no law preventing you from buying land.


(Black Fascists often urge white South Africans to relocate to Australia or to "Holland")

Yes, I decided I'm moving out of this shithole. And I'll tell you why:

1) Average i.q. by country - I'm sick-and-tired of living among morons. Did you know that black people’s average i.q. is so low, that on a world wide scale it’s retarded? That explains everything. Google “Average i.q. by Country Index”:

PS: And in case you were wondering, the answer is "Yes", black Americans do have a lower average i.q than white Americans. Everywhere on this planet the results are the same - Congoids (black people) are stupid. The proof is a bit old fashioned:

Okey, let's continue as to why I want to leave this shithole and reside among intelligent people:
2) The top 10 countries in the world by lifestyle are populated by whites:

3) The top 8 economies in the world are countries populated by whites: USA, Brittain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, Japan (exception - Asian).

4) But note - more intellectual black South Africans are leaving the country than whites – it’s called “The Brain Drain”, so only you morons remain:

Thank you and good buy


Blacks are teached that colonialism and Apartheid are the sole cause of their misfortune

Apartheid was better (than the ANC):
Julius Malema (EFF):
Desmond Tutu:

Black always forget that one of the reasons for their poor performance economically has a lot to do with, among others, their rampant reproduction rate. Most white households have 2 children. Blacks average around 6. It's common sense that they're going to have to maintain a lower lifestyle. Other reasons include victim mentallity - victim mentallity has a dramatically negative influence on personal motivation and performance; Rampant Corruption by political elite; Low averge i.q.

The true answer is too complicated for the "man on the street" to understand. On the assumption that you're of above average intelligence, here's the complicated answer: 1) In 1973, when Apartheid was declared a Crime Against Humanity, there was a minority view and a majority view; 2) The minority view, by mostly Western powers, was that Apartheid was bad and justified sanctions, but it's not a crime (against humanity); 3) The majority view, by the "Communist Block" was that Apartheid was a Crime Against Humanity - and it was adopted as such by the United Nations; 4) Ironically about 90% of the nations who voted with the Communist Block had a worse human rights record than South Africa (Human Rights Watch). So that places a questionmark over this whole issue; 5) Apartheid was abolished by the people who practised it after a referendum and a negotiated settlement that included a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", giving amnesty after full disclosure; 6) This whole debate today serves two practical purpuses: 6a) To diviate the attention away from the Rampant Corruption that destroyed every SOE (State Owned Enterprise), almost every municipality and the horrible destruction of the South African economy in general; 6b) To demonize the white population of South Africa in an effort to justify atrocities planned against them; 7) A further irony is the anomaly that blacks accept this United Nations resolution in their favour but 7a) they have a problem with the ICC (International Criminal Court) and 7b) they also have various excuses when I challenge them to take the "Stolen Land" debate to the World Court; 8) Now although I didn't do it, I do apologise to you for what Apartheid did to blacks, because it was horrible, but I'm not going to subject to Reverse Apartheid and I'm not going to subject to the atrocities planned against whites - expect a fightback.


Corruption hurts more than Apartheid and sanctions together! Apartheid South-Africa (with sanctions) had a stronger economy than today!

"That is almost four times higher than it was in 2008 and 15 times higher than in 1992."


After WWII (Second World War) Europe and Japan were devastated. In 25 years it was rebuilt. The ANC received South Africa in pristine condition in 1994 and devastated it in 25 years with corruption and incompetence. Without corruption the injustices of Apartheid would've been eradicated by now.


If colonialism was so disastrously harmful for Africa, why wasn't is equally harmful for the rest of the world? Isn't it maybe, just MAYBE, because of the intellectual abilities of the African population?


The common African person has been shaped by Afro-centric philosophers to believe that the entire problem of the African society was caused by colonial intrusion. We have to debunk this fallacy and call a spade a spade. Afro-centric scholars gave inept African leaders the privilege of blame shifting." - Wallay Ajimobi

Colonialism was defeated in South Africa by the Boers and by nobody else. On 31 May 1961 South Africa became independent from Britain and left the Commonwealth. The National Party was the de facto government.


Black Fascists use these Apartheid signs to "prove" that whites classified themselves as Europeans, not Africans

You confuse "African" with "Congoid". "African" is a location; "Congoid" is a race. Use Google.


1) 90% of the signs read: "Slegs blankes / Whites only". Only a few exeptions said "Europeans" - always English. Afrikaans were always "Blankes (Whites)":
2) The Afrikaans word "blankes" translates into English as "white persons". I don't care how English-speaking South Africans classify themselves. NEVER does the Afrikaans section of the sign read "Slegs Europeërs"
3) The language I speak (Afrikaans) means "African - the language" (Afrikaans is the only language carrying the name of this continent).
4) My people / folk (Afrikaner) means "African - the people"
PS: The Boers are the Afrikaners of the old Boer Republics (there were about thirteen, but the two large ones that superceded were 1) ZAR = Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek [South African Republic] > Transvaal & 2) OVS (Trans Oranje Vrij Staat > Vrystaat / Free State [free from the British])


This is a HUGE problem among black South Africans. Colonialism and Apartheid is to blame or everything

VICTIM MENTALITY is an acquired personality trait in which a person tends to blame their misfortune on other people’s deeds:


Black Fascists adore Communism and Socialism. I established, however, that their motivation is not political in nature, but criminal in nature. They don't want to solve problems, they want to steal from the whites.

What I like about China is:
1) Their death penalty for corruption - that shall wipe out the entire ANC and EFF!
2) Their work ethics - their workers work double the hours at half the price - that can actually make a company profitable.

Did you know that China started converting to capitalism in 1978, after socialism failed there? Today it has a mixed economy, still moving towards capitalism. Huawei, for instance, is a private company:

Communist China (before converting to "State Capitalism) - THE GREAT CHINESE FAMINE:

China is coming for you! China is colonising Africa!
"They loan money to some backward African government to build a port, railroad, and airport, or what have you. The Africans can almost never pay those loans back, so the Chinese – as part of the deal – take over the facility and staff it with their own people. This is actually going on today."


Poverty is manufactured in bed. You cannot sleep like you're competing with the dead and expect to be rich in the land of the living.



Black Fascists adore Mugabe and Machel, and argue that F W De Klerk (Nobel Peace Price winner) should be in jail

When the Mugabes took over the farm in 2011, they evicted hundreds of families. Mugabe & his family grabbed more than 20 farms from both white and black farmers during the land reform programme which started 2000. PS: Julius Malema & EFF romantisize this!


Samora Machel was the president of the poorest country in the world. If poverty is what you like, idiolize him.


"La luta continua" - "The looting continues"

"La lute continua" is Portugese for "The (feedom) struggle continues" and was used by FRELIMO and Samora Machel in Mozambique. But I use it to remind them of ANC corruption.


A piece of advice that Mozambican president Samora Machel had given him well before independence. As historian Martin Meredith recounts, in "The State of Africa" (2006), Machel told Mugabe: “Keep your whites.”:




Matabele Massacre: The Gukurahundi was a series of atrocious massacres of Ndebele civilians (± 30 000) carried out by the Zimbabwe National Army from early 1983 to late 1987. It derives from a Shona language term which loosely translates to "the early rain which washes away the chaff before the spring rains":


Black Fascists argue that Zimbabwe's economic woes are due to international sanctions. This is how I react to that:

Zimbabwe is bancrupt due to sanctions you say? This once again prove the superiority of the White Man. Sanctions didn't destroy Apartheid South Africa. See?

1) When Apartheid ended the World Food Programme didn't need to feed us, did they? ;
2) Look at the following facts:
3) Apartheid as a official policy started in 1948 and the international sanctions started;
4) The war in Namibia (then South West Africa) and Angola started in the 1960's;
5) By the 1980's sanctions and the war and unrest in the townships were at it's highest;
6) But look:
7) 4 million whites held the economy healthy, maintained law and order in the townships (30 m blacks!) and won the war in Angola;
8) We built our own military hardware and became an exporter;
9) No bancrupt SOE (State Owned Enterprise) & no bancrupt municipality;
10) Now look what black people achieved since 1994:
11) The war ended making billions of Rands available (yet our miltary is in shambles);
12) All SOE's except Telkom is in trouble including SAA (South African Airways), Eskom (electricity), Denel (that was an exporter of military hardware), the RAF (Road Accident Fund) and many more;
12) Municipalities are in shambles and can't deliver;
13) Our economy is heading for junk status;
14) Whites still pay their taxes - 40% of their income / profits;
15) But none of all these billions are used to improve the lives of the poor except a few RDP (small) houses;
16) No, the political elite eat it like pigs at troughs and tell you it's all is because of Colonialism and Apartheid (as if only Africa was colonized!);
17) And you, the poor masses, are stupid enough to believe those corrupt politicians. In fact you defend their "right" to be corrupt;
18) Wake up! We're going to end up like Zimbabwe!

You people don't know your history. F W de Klerk ENDED Apartheid and was awarded the Nobel Peace Price for that (he shared it with Nelson Mandela). The last Apartheid president was P W Botha.

Julius Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters - the major Black Fascist movement in South Africa, who propagates White Genocide

EFF i.q's are so low, if they do an i.q. test on land they broke their noses and on a boat they drown! LOL


Racism and racial hatred is the oxygen of Black Fascism. Without THat Black Fascism shall dwindle and maybe even disappear. Then Black Fascists loose their seats in parliament - for most of them their only source of income. Now you now why they have to keep racial hatred alive.


Julus Malema is like “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. He plays music and the rats follow him.


Julus Malema is a sheppard for his flock of sheep. The sheep are scared of the wolf but the sheppard eats them!


"Kill (white) racists with Black Success & Black Excellence". Finally Julius Malema is talking sense. White racism shall fade automatically when blacks become civilized - stop their destructive behaviour, act against rampant corruption and drop their Victim Mentallity. Then we need to adress Black Racism too.


Julius Malema didn’t always want to steal (Expropriation Without Compensation) white-owned land, but he couldn’t make his own farm profitable. May this be the reason why he wants to steal white-owned land?
Julius Malema didn’t always want to steal (Expropriation Without Compensation) white-owned land, but he couldn’t make his own farm profitable. May this be the reason why he wants to steal white-owned land?



NELSON MANDELA gave us our freedom. You still have to work to earn a living though.


WMC is a term that suggests that whites has an unfair monopoly of the economy

WMC (White Monopoly Capital) is the result of white supremacy. Supremacy is in the genes ... in the blood. It can never change. Submit, just live with it.


WMC (White Monopoly Capital) is a lie thumb-sucked by Bell Pottinger for their client Zupta:


CORRUPTION is the new Apartheid. Fight corruption like you fought Apartheid. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Convincing argument by a black African professor.

While South Africans are still suffering from the aftershocks of Apartheid, a crime against humanity abolished 30 years ago, Rampant Corruption, ongoing at this very moment, destroyed a strong South African economy and is pushing South Africa over the precipice, as witnessed by the Zondo Commission of Enquiry.


THE FIGHTBACK: Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and Ace Magashule, are behind the chaos in this country. Like a criminal burning the scene to eradicate the traces of his crime. This is their way to stay out of jail for corruption. They paid Bell Pottinger to start it.

Jacob Zuma and the Guptas, now joined by mega-corrupt Ace Magashule, play the race card to stay out of jail for corruption - they are burning South Africa to stay out of jail for corruption.

Bell Pottinger (British public relations company) stirred racial tension in South Africa on instructions of the Guptas and JACOB ZUMA. The aim is to blame the whites instead of corruption and state capture.

"It stood accused of setting off racial tensions through a furtive campaign built on Twitter bots, hate-filled websites and speeches. All were pushing a highly toxic narrative, namely that whites in South Africa had seized resources and wealth while they deprived blacks of education and jobs. The message was popularized with an incendiary phrase, “WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL”.

Bell Pottinger was subsequently found guilty of unethical conduct by the British government, their licence was revoked and they went banckrupt – all these are general knowledge.

Like a criminal burning the scene to eradicate the traces of his crime, they (Guptas, Zuma & Magashule) are burning South Africa to get away with their crimes by blaming minorities instead of Corruption and State Capture.


All the above is also confirmend in the book "The President's Keepers" by Jaques Pauw. Keeping Jacob Zuma in power and out of jail.:


In his book "The President's Keepers" Jaques Paauw describes in detail Jacob Zuma's scandalous rampant corruption. Why doesn't Zuma sue Pauw for defamation?


Brazil did it! South Africa can do it too!


Guess why Ace Magashule doesn't sue the author for defamation?: "Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule's Web of Capture" (2019) is a book by Pieter-Louis Myburgh.


Staatskaping / State Capture & Rampant Corruption
Shabir Sheik was found guilty of corruption, being in a corrupt relationship with ... JACOB ZUMA. Then Sheik received presidential pardon (president > Jacob Zuma) for "medical reasons" - reserved for starving inmates only - to starve in peace at home. Today, a decade later, Sheik is still playing gholf, healthy as a race horse. "Res ipsa loquitur" - the facts speak:


BMC (Black Monopoly Capital): Cyril Ramaphosa R5.7billion; Dalikhaya Zihlangu R533million; Patrice Motsepe R27.7billion; Tokyo Sexwala R2.14billion; Saki Macozoma R565million; Sipho Nkosi R1.7billion; Atul Gupta R10.7billion; Jacob Zuma R300million; Mike Teke R682million.


South Africa is stumbling and the whole world is disappinted:


When I suggest corruption is a huge problem in South Africa, Black Fascists like to come up with the "defence" or justification that whites are also corrupt!

1) I don't understand the relevance of your post. Are you saying that because Apartheid was wrong, or because there are white criminals too, rampant ANC & EFF corruption is justified? 2) You're a CORRUPTION APOLOGIST - admit it! You're trying to mitigate the effects of this corrupt and incompetent government by deflecting the argument. All corrupt ones must go rot in jail, black and white! 3) If you feel some corrupt ones are getting away - do like Afriforum and initiate private prosecution. 4) STOP DEFENDING CORRUPTION - YOU'RE DESTROYING SOUTH AFRICA!!!!


It's time you institute private prosecution against all these white criminals that bother you so much


Another favourite term spawned by black Victim Mentality

Why don't Asians complain about "White Privilege"? A valid question asked by an Afro American.
This question is relevant to South Africa too. Most Asians were introduced as slaves to South Africa by the British and today make out 2,5% of the population. They were as much discriminated against under Apartheid. Yet they are wealthy and successful. My suggestion: 1) Asians don't suffer from Victim Mentallity and 2) Asians have the highest average i.q. in the world ("Average i.q. by country").


Whites are supreme. Worldwide. Supremacy is in the genes, in the DNA – you cannot change it, it cannot go away. Resistance is futile. Submit.
Blacks perform better in, like boxing and long distance running – it’s in their genes. Whites generally perform better economically. See?


Whites were privileged when God handed out brains - that is White Privilege.
Did you know that black people’s average i.q. is so low, that on a world wide scale it’s retarded? That explains everything. Google “Average i.q. by Country Index”:



“We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides,” Mujica said in the interview. “So it seems to me that we [heads of state] should live like the majority and not like the minority.”

"The World's Poorest President" explains why we should kick rich people out of politics.


You cannot campaign for vegetarianism while eating steak. This man fights capitalism, then he shouldn't live like a capitalist. It's called "hypocrisy".

If your idea of eradicating poverty is by supporting corrupt politicians you're on the right track.


Blacks often play the Victim Mentality card by referring to slavery


Firstly black Africans enslaved each other. Then Arabs enslaved black Africans. Lastly whites joined in. Today, Arabs still enslave black Africans.


Are you too stupid to read or what? Then I'll spoon-feed you - Arabs are actually the ones who enslaved Blacks for centuries, even today!

"How many recall that Arab slavers were the first, and last, in modern times to ship millions of Africans out of the continent as slaves?"


"There are more than 45 million people worldwide who are victims of modern slavery, including forced labor and human trafficking, according to a report from the human rights group Walk Free Foundation.":


Why does this make me think of South Africa today?:
Proverbs 30:21. Sayings of Agur, son of Jakeh—an:
Under three things the earth trembles, under four it cannot bear up:
a servant who becomes king .....

Klink soos Suid-Afrika
Spreuke 30
21: Daar is drie, nee, vier wat die lewe ondraaglik maak, wat onuitstaanbaar is:
22: 'n slaaf nadat hy koning geword het, 'n ongemanierde sot nadat hy hom vol geëet het,
23: 'n vrou wat eers nie 'n man kon kry nie en toe tóg getroud is, en 'n slavin nadat sy haar eienares se plek ingeneem het.


Black Fascists hate Afrikaners

Afrikaans is the only language that carries the name of this continent.


Tiny white Afrikaans-only settlement somewhere in the desert - sets an example of how a town should be run. Thorn in the flesh for Black Fascists.

This is what schools and hospitals look like in various towns in the Northern Cape (except Orania of cause):


Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION and of SELF DETERMINATION.

Nowhere in the world is it uncommon for people of a common culture to associate ("birds of feather flock together). This right is normal, also in South Africa.

Section 235 of our Constitution reads: Self-determination - 235. The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.

Any questions?


There is a perception among whites that blacks are uncivilized, corrupt and destructive

White people are proud of their status as civilized. We maintain that by self-regulation. You’ll never see whites destroy their own environment like a herd of elephants. You’ll never see a white man burn his own library or the house of a councillor or something like that. Our “service delivery protest” is to come together and clean up. We’ll consider stop paying taxes, but never shall we destroy our own environment. You’ll never see a white man stealing goods from an overturned truck or looting shops. If a white person wants to do something like that another white shall reprimand him and if it continues he gets reported. NB: We are not tolerant towards corruption, we blow the whistle!
Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about COLLECTIVE JUSTICE.

Collective Justice is primitive, unfair and uncivilized. Collective Justice is to hold somebody liable for something someone else did. Holding me liable for what my grandfather or my brother or another white man did is Collective Justice.

Even Julius Malema knows that Collective Justice is "foolish": "Malema on Tuesday, in a veiled attack on Zanu-PF, said it was foolish to attack Grace for the sins of her late husband and former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe."

Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about BURDEN OF PROVE.

He who makes an allegation or accusation must prove it. Can you prove your allegation?
Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about the BEST EVIDENCE RULE.

If you dismiss my evidence as bad, you must bring better evidence.

I'm waiting.

The mere fact that information comes from Wikipedia doesn't make it wrong. Bring better evidence.
Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about the RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL TOLERANCE.

In a democracy it is okey to differ and disagree. We don't have to be friends, only good neighbours.

Civilized people must continuously educate uncivilized people for the common good, so I'm going to educate you about HATE SPEACH. We start with the PROMOTION OF QUALITY AND PREVENTION OF UNFAIR DISCRIMINATION ACT, Act 4 of 2000.

Section 10: PROHIBITION OF HATE SPEACH: No person may publish, propagate, advocate or communicate words that could reasonably construed to demonstrate a clear intention to be hurtful, to be harmful or to incite harm or to promote or propagate hatred.

Will somebody please foward this to the SAHRC (South African [blacks only] Human Rights Commision)


Many white South Africans argue that there is a "White Genocide" taking place in South Africa

1) Classification; 2) Symbolization; 3) Discrimination; 4) Dehumanization; 5) Organization; 6) Polarization; 7) Preparation; 8) Persecution; 9) Extermination; 10) Denial.

In South Africa:
1. Classification: People are divided into "them and us":
This white-black thing.
2. Symbolization: "When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups...":
Banning of the old flag. Hate speach falls under this. Hate speach against whites by Julius Malema, Andile Nxitama, Zinzi Mandela and others. Worse of all - it's allowed by Human Rights Commission.
3. Discrimination: "Law or cultural power excludes groups from full civil rights: segregation or apartheid laws, denial of voting rights":
Reverse Apartheid & Reverse Racism - like BEE, sports quotas, financial aid by the state for blacks only and many more. Banning symbols like the old flag.
4. Dehumanization: "One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases." In our case whites are equated with invaders:
Whites are "unwelcome guests", "settlers", "colonialists" fall under this.
5. Organization: "Genocide is always organized... Special army units or militias are often trained and armed...":
MK still active. Military equipment used during many farm attacks, especially anti-signal devices. Military training for ANCYL etch.
6. Polarization: "Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda...":
This is exactly what Bell Pottinger did on instruction of Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. Terms like "White Monopoly Capital", White Privilege", "Settler", "The 1652 Mob" etch.
7. Preparation: "Mass killing is planned. Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity...":
8. Persecution: "Expropriation, forced displacement, ghettos, concentration camps":
Our Parliament is busy with expropriation at this very moment. This irrational hate against civil right movements and individuals - F W de Klerk, Ernst Roets, Steve Hofmeyr, Helen Zille, the DA etch. Charges against individuals for fabricated violations like the charges against Steve Hofmeyr, Ernst Roets and also P W Botha long ago.
9. Extermination: "It is 'extermination' to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human (fully African, in our case)":
At this point in time mainly white farmers are targeted.
10. Denial: "The perpetrators... deny that they committed any crimes...:
"There are no farm murders" - Pres Cyril Ramaphosa

Do you notice the unfolding of a genocide right in front of your very eyes?



The Rwandan genocide was a mass slaughter of Tutsis in Rwanda, 7 April to 15 July 1994 by members of the Hutu majority government. An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed. Additionally, 30% of the Pygmy Batwawere killed.


Black Fascists argue that white South Africans today are still "settlers", even though our ancestors started arriving here on 06 April 1652

Conquerers settle in areas gained by conquest ("conquestadors" is Spanish). Settlers settle in uninhabited areas or areas legally purchased. So you black Fasists are right after all - white South Africans' ancestors were settlers!!!!


Afrikaans civil rights movement. Carier of the torch of civilization in the southern tip of Africa. Thorn in the flesh for Black Fascists. Many funcions but Black Fascist's biggest issue is that Afriforum, very skillfully, institute private prosecution where the state fails it's duty, and also sue (and win) Black Fascists for various misdeeds while also assisting black clients to enforce civilized rights.

Why don't black people start a "black" Afriforum to prosecute white criminals? Blacks continiously moan that white corruption is not punished and that Afriforum only (privately) prosecute blacks.

Afriforum assisted blacks:


White farmers mentor upcoming black farmers

Black Fascists hate and hide these realities. They preach and breed hatred. But look at this:
“I’ve seen how [white] farmers are willing to help. But unfortunately these good stories don’t travel as quickly.”
"I’m the product of a white commercial farmer – Mr Pieter Vorster – who mentored me on grain farming."


Afrikaans singer, standing up against injustices against Afrikaners - targeted and hated for that

Please refer me to Steve's "racism". Quotes please.


Biased referee, to put it that way

The HRC (Human Rights Commission) is unconsequent. When a black man speak they look at his intention ("Juju didn't instigate immediate bodily harm). When a white man speaks they look at the perception of the audience (the old flag). Two different tests with two different results.

In my opinion the perception of the audience is most important. Then the gratuitous display of the old flag is hate speach but also the words of Malema, Nxitama and Zinzi M, Ace Magashule and others.

White South-Africans lost faith in the SAHRC.


Main opposition party, mainly white voters

Good Governance Index South Africa - 75% of the 20 best performing municipalities are D A run:
Good Governance Index South Africa - 75% of the 20 best performing municipalities are D A run:

The DA is the most racial diverse RSA political party: "The current DA parliamentarians are 62% white and 67% male. The infographic below is telling":


Why do people confuse the DA with the NP? The NP enforced Apartheid and ceased to exist. The DA evolved from the PFP (Progressive Federal Party) - the anti-Apartheid fighters of Van Zyl Slabbert, Helen Suzman and so on.


Many Black Fascists theaten with a race war

I’m also prepared to die. Difference: I’m a patriot, you’re a terrorist. PATRIOT: having vigorous devotion and support for one’s country. TERRORIST: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


A mob is no more an army than a heap of building materials is a house - Socrates 477 BC - 399 BC


Dulce bellum inexpertis (Latin) – War seems sweet to those who never eperienced it – Desiderius Erasmus, 1466 - 1536


In war numbers confer no advantage. Do not advance relying on sheer military power – Sun Tzu, 544 BC




"HATE GROOMING": Daai subtiele dreigemente en romantisering van haat en geweld en daai voortdurende terugverwys na ongeregtighede van die verlede en kollektiewe veroordeling daarvan. Want as "SEXUAL GROOMING" 'n misdryf is, waarom nie "Hate Grooming" nie?

"HATE GROOMING": Those subtle threats and romanticization of hate and violence and that continious referring back to injustices of the past with collective disapproval of it. Because if "SEXUAL GROOMING" is an offence, why not "Hate Grooming"?


POPULISM is simple for the simple minded. The EFF actually insults black voters with the idea that they can gain a majority with simplistic populism. Let me tell you something - blacks are not as stupid as they, the EFF, think. And the EFF shall remain tiny - for morons only.


TOTALIATARIANISM: a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. The state controls everything, even your private life.


ANTI-GAY is a form of TOTALITARIANISM. Controlling the private life of others, even if it's of no concern to you, is totalitarian and barbaric.


Communists, socialists and fascists want full state controll over everyting – it’s called “TOTALITARIANISM”. Yet everything under beaurocratic controll in RSA is in financial difficulty: every SOE (State Owned Enterprise ) except Telkom, every municipality except DA controlled, 90% of all land reform projects are failures – and don’t try to convince me it’s Apartheid’s fault. It has been proved all over the world that beaurocracy (government officials) are unable to successfully run a bussiness. Rather leave it to businessmen (no matter if they’re foreign), sit on your arse and collect taxes. It’s called CAPITALISM. And think liberal: LIBERALISM = 1) equal opportunities and 2) personal individual decicion making.


MACHIAVELLIANISM in psychology refers to a personality trait which sees a person so focused on their own interests they will manipulate, deceive, and exploit others to achieve their goals.


JINGOISM: extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.


MAJOTARIANISM is the dictatorship of the majority. DEMOCRACY is about the upholding of the Rule of Law.


REVANCHISM is a policy to retaliate, espessially to recover lost territory.


PSYCRIOCRACY: The notion that only real source of wealth is land. This is debunked by wealthy states without good habitable or tillable land like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapoer. Also, the wealthiest people on planet earth don't own land.


MLUNGHU - white person




Noobab - stupid black person. PS: Read the word backwards! LOL


Abusing social media: agitrolling, fauxrage, verbiflage and convulsionists. Also googling, tweeting, phishing, sexting, trending, twarring and more.


Black people have this tendency to accuse whites of racism the moment you differ from them about anything, even if the subject in question has nothing to do with race / DNA. The term lost it's power and relevance due to overuse.
Racism of blacks towards whites and discriminatory policies against whites

By Morgan Freeman's standard, Black Fascists are actually the racists - they are the ones continuously referring to race


The question is not if I'm a racist or not. The question is - do I have reason to be racist?


Whites have good reason to be racist because blacks are corrupt and destructive.


How do you define "RACIST" and "RACISM". Being a snob is not nice but it's not a crime and it's actually quite common. If you think you're better than someone else because of racial prejudices, you're merely a racial snob, isn't that true? To be a racist you must cause physical or financial harm, isn't it?


Calling someone a racist without good reason can cost you money for defamation. Are you prepared to send me your real name, identity number, cell phone number and physical adress?:

Argument by blacks to justify Reverse Racism

I’m white. I was born in South Africa. I work to provide for my family. I try to stay out of trouble. I try not to offend anybody. There’s a black man who hates me purely because I’m white. Is he a racist or is he not a racist?


Black Fascists often complain that whites don't like them or hate them.

We don't have to friends, we only need to be good neighbours. What's wrong with that?


Photos Black Fascists don't want you to see - black and white praying together at Angus Buchan's gatherings::

Photos Black Fascists don't want you to see - black and white welcoming the Springboks after they won the 201 Rugby World Cup:


"White Black, White Black, Black White" - you're a racist! Politics is about competence, service delivery and standard of living, not about skin colour.

Blacks are slowly-but-surely losing the moral high ground that they gained during the anti-Apartheid struggle. Blatant racism (called “Reverse Racism” by some) among corrupt ANC’s and black Fascists is causing this. The world is frowning.


Stratkom was Apartheid propoganda, now Black Fascists refer to all media as "STRATKOM"

You must be very naïve if you think Stratcom was the only propoganda machine ever. Propoganda is actually normal in politics. Please wake up.


Don't expect the media to be unbiased. Expect them to be honest. The problem with Fascists and Communists is that they don't accept basic freedoms, like a free press.


I reprimand whites giving Black Fascists free publicity

Moet hierdie man asseblief nie sulke gratis publisitiet gee nie. Daar is nie iets soos slegte publisiteit nie - slegte publisiteit is beter as geen publisiteit.



They have an average of 81 bodyguards each, paid by us, but they don't want to allow us one fire-arm for personal protection? What is their long-term strategy with us? Why do they want to disarm law-abiding tax-paying citizens? Morons!


To irritate Reverse Racists

1) Kimberley - first city in the world using electric streetlights: 02 September 1882.
2) Chris Barnard - first heart transplant in the world: 03 December 1967 at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town.
3) Elon Musk - develped an internet banking system that made him a billionaire.
4) Nelson Mandela & F W de Klerk - winners on a Nobel Peace Price
5) Mark Shuttleworth - developed an internet security system that made him a billionaire.
6) Mark Shuttleworth - first African in space.


Police Brutality against white South Africans and anti-white hate crimes are on the rise in South Africa. At this point in time they target single female drivers at a dark and remoted spot late at night: Kymie du Toit; Carien Coelho.

Bosveld is wildwêreld / Game farming is nature conservation

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